Nomad people are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling down in one location. For this reason we
have given this name to our new Dj and artist collective, because we don’t stop, we are always moving!

Nomad sound was formed by a group of people from different nationalities that have something in common, love for electronic music and also share a passion to offer quality electronic music parties in town.

As the name itself suggest we are not gonna be settled in one location, rather we are organasing parties in several clubs in Dublin, like ThinkTank, Tripod, CrawDaddy, Undeground… We are also involved in some after parties for the people who like to dance late (After hours are priceless in Dublin), and we have being been also playing in some festivals here in Ireland like the Life festival or ElectricPicnic.

Nomad Sound mostly plays Techno, Techno-Minimal, Tech-House and House Music. Join our group in facebook i and we will keep you informed about next events and get your name in the guest list for next parties so you can enjoy NOMAD SOUND parties for FREE!! This is all about the music and about the people who is is supporting us in every party. Thanks and lets keep rocking it!!


NOMAD SOUND CALENDAR : Check out the next events.


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