First post of the years…I know, I know…but don’t worry we are not dead, we were just parting 😛

New year, new dreams…

We are planing and setting up many parties for this year 2010. We are gonna stay with our residences in Tripod and Andrews Lane, two parties in each every month…

Also a hole bunch of new surprise will come soon: new parties, sets online and free cds in the parties, and we are even considering to make some merchandising. Let me know if somebody would be interested and we could order some T-shirts with the NOMAD SOUND LOGO or maybe some stickers.

Finally I wan’t to said something about the music, because  to the MUSIC and ALL YOUR SUPPORT is what has made possible all this. This is a big process that the only aim is to make people happy and enjoy with what we are doing.  Thanks! We’ll keep playing the same kind of techno, minimal-tech , and  tech-house which makes our parties so special.

Also this new year we will have new guest spinning with us and also new producers performing live electronic music. Hope you enjoy it.



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