NOMAD SOUND with the charity : CAMARA AFRICA 2009.

Hi everybody, NOMAD SOUND is also with the charity helping some schools in Africa. We are gonna run a party in order to get founds for CAMARA CHARITY next Saturday 9th of May at ThinkTank.

Camara is an Irish charity who refurbish used computers from businesses and send them to schools and colleges in Africa. In 2008 we sent over 5000 computers to schools in Uganda, Lesotho, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Each summer for the month of July, volunteers travel to many of these schools to train teachers there in basic to advanced ICT skills and work with our African partners in their computer workshops/hubs.

In July 2009 Maria Georgiou will travel to Africa with Camara as part of a group of volunteers who will teach IT skills in the schools and hubs where Camara have sent PCs. In order for her to do so she must raise €2500 and between the months of February and July she will be organising fundraising events.

All proceeds from these events will go directly towards the Camara Africa project. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone.

Kind regards

Hester Jackman
Volunteer Coordinator
t: (01) 65 22 668

The donation will be 5€. Maria Georgiou will be at the door ensuring all the money collected is going to the Charity. Support Africa!


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